Who We Are

Jennifer Howard

Jennifer Howard was born in Singapore and has been a health professional for the last twenty-five years. She has been married to her husband Erik for twenty-one years and they have three children, Jackson, Katie and Keaton.

Sharing Christ with others is a true passion of hers, as is encouraging others to live out their purpose in Him. She considers herself a free spirit and has a heart for all people. She loves to lead others in forming authentic Christian community.

Jennifer had the deep honor and privilege of being the Directress of the Junior Daughters of the King Ministry in Marshall, Texas for ten years, leading young girls and women into a closer relationship with Jesus through prayer, service and evangelism. Jennifer has an Associate’s degree in Applied Science, a Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Studies and her Master’s degree in Christian Ministry and Discipleship from Liberty University. She is also a 500-hour Master Certified Holy Yoga instructor with the international ministry of Holy Yoga with additional training in leadership and touch.  Jennifer founded the Holy Beautiful Ministry for women four years ago in an effort to bring the Word of God to women all over the world. She strives to bring health to women body, mind and spirit.

Jennifer sees herself as a connector, bringing women together in an effort to foster authentic Christian relationships. Her dream is to make our world a more holy beautiful place for everyone.

After living in Texas for over twenty years, Jennifer is now currently calling the beautiful and scenic area of Nellysford, VA home. She is passionate about antiques, gardening and cooking and loves to travel.

Mary Andrews

I grew up with the Legacy of my Grandaddy being Billy Graham's best friend and closest comrade in Ministry. It was such a small world to me when I was little and calling him "Uncle Billy" and seeing first hand what it looks like for my grandparents and their associates to live out a Christ-Like life and marriage. Granddaddy, T.W.Wilson was a preacher in his own right and his son, my father also is an Evangelist.

Being a PK, I did not realize the influence that being in that world would have on me as a child, a teenager, young mother and now Empty nester.  Now as I am older, I could see how they all lived out their Faith.

Also, being around those that see the Lord's hand in so many unique ways led me to continue to "look" for Him and the more I would seek Him, the more He was found.

I am a Middle Child of 4 girls and have more of a First born type personality...think INFJ or Ennegram 2 personality mixed in with Artistic qualities and dreams.

I am married to a man who sings like Michael English and has given his life to raising our 3 grown children. Our oldest son Joel is a chef, our daughter Naomi is soon to graduate with her master's degree in Architecture and our youngest son, Hunter is in his second year at Liberty University studying Theatre Arts.

We also have two fur babies named Duke and Cooper who run the show on our 2 acres of mainly Pine Trees in Shipshewana, Indiana.

I was a Teacher for many years until Health issues caused me to retire early and for the last few years I have found a calling to use Design and Stories to lead others to find the Lord in unusual places. Even on Instagram of all places. My IG name is Selah Pines Farmhouse if you like watching "stories".

Ultimately, I knew when God called me to serve him in ministry, that if I hadn't been born into a strict Southern Baptist Upbringing, I would have grown up as a female Preacher/Evangelist, but our denomination didn't allow that. I love my people, so I am not oppressed or sad that I had the upbringing I did...it made me who I am.

I have found so much freedom in Christ and as I blog, speak or even share a silly story on Instagram, I know that the Lord can use me, a female, in any capacity as long as I am willing and surrendered to His perfect will...not the will of a man who sits in an office writing up by-laws, etc.

I have served on many boards, taught many women's classes and received certifications, all of which don't amount to anything if I don't give the glory to the Lord.

My life verse that I try to live out daily is "You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you." Isaiah 26:3

I am so honored to be part of the Holy Beautiful team and I pray that my presence on this team helps to bring about the good work that He has entrusted us to do as a team.

Jonna Brumbaugh

Jonna is a quiet, small town girl born and raised amidst the cornfields of rural Iowa. In college she met a handsome Oklahoma boy named Brett on a beach in Florida and they will celebrate ten years of marriage this October. For the first eight years of their marriage they called Oklahoma home. Now they live in a tiny—one stop sign, no grocery store tiny—Iowa farming town but will hopefully be moving to a slightly less tiny Iowa town in the near future. Together they have two young children, Olivia and Jacob.

Jonna has a bachelors degree in Mathematics. She worked for three years as the Children's Programming Coordinator for John 3:16 Mission Family and Youth Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Now, for the last seven years, she has been mastering changing diapers and housekeeping as a stay-at-home momma.

Jonna lives most of her days in a t-shirt, jeans, and flip flops with her hair in a ponytail. When she isn't chasing her kids or planning her dinner menu you will most likely find her with a book in her hand. The stack of books next to her nightstand is almost as tall as her toddler! Reading and writing have been what has gotten her through the last few years of God completely undoing her heart and slowly piecing it back together again. Despite her lack of gifting in the vocals department, she loves to pour out her heart in praise and worship! It's what keeps her going through her long, overwhelmingly ordinary days at home.

Jonna has a deep desire to see women find their way into the loving arms of Jesus! She believes that we all walk around with cracks in our hearts that can only be filled by the love of our sweet Savior. For Jonna, every word she writes is a blessed opportunity to share that love and hope with women near and far. She tries every day to make her world more beautiful by loving on her family, hugging her friends, and smiling at the ladies she passes in the grocery store isles.

Bethany Cook Douglas

Bethany is a thirty-something gal, married to her best friend for 16 years. They have 3 children, Jesse, Jonah, and Anna, who was born with Down Syndrome. Up until very recently, Bethany was a full-time flight nurse. She also serves 3 months of the year at a Christian camp for mentally and physically disabled people, as medical director.

​You’ll find very quickly that her writing is real and raw. Through her trials and tribulations, she strives to make those seasons count by imparting what God taught her through them to others. Though she claims no perfections, she is honest in her desire to encourage, refine, challenge, and make people think.

​Bethany recently published her first book, Helicopter Mom, which was written primarily for moms who struggle with fear for their kids. Her love for writing and speaking has her waiting in His wings to see what stages He books her for!

Shari Finkler

Shari spent 30 years as an English teacher, teaching high school, community college, and university level. After only 2 months being retired, she joined the faculty at a small Christian school in her community.

In addition to her weekly contribution to Holy Beautiful, she writes a follow-up devotional for her pastor's sermon called "Take It With You." She teaches an adult Sunday school class, sings in the choir, assists with youth choir, and leads a Holy Yoga class for women.

Shari is married to Andrew, a retired Army nurse and ordained minister who works as a pastoral counselor and chaplain. They have two children at home, Mara and Walker.

Her passion is glorifying God through her writing, teaching, speaking, and encouraging others in her work.

Sheila Millinder

Sheila Millinder lives in Dubois, PA with her husband of Michael and they attend the TriCounty Church. She is a mother of two boys and three step daughters, a grandmother to four of the most amazing boys and two granddaughters who are so precious. She cherishes her family and sees them as her first ministry. She values friendships and holds them dear. Sheila loves adventure, traveling, discovering new things, and being in nature. Being surrounded by water is her inspiration. Sheila is an avid reader of Christian authored books, where she looks for inspiration to grow and share with others. She finds writing is a gift which she uses to serve others. Her passions are the church and community, leadership and discipleship. She has a deep cry in her heart for women’s ministry.

It has been her passion to lead others to Discover their identity, Develop their gifts and Deploy them for the work of the ministry.

Locally, Sheila is active within her community. She has worked with Love God Greatly; which is an international ministry. With them she worked as the administrator over the online ministry and served in many different areas. She facilitates bible studies online, and locally in her home where she strives to challenge others growth, spirituality and personal development. She writes weekly content for Holy Beautiful which is an online women’s ministry, in doing so she hopes to encourage others with her words of inspiration and sound biblical truth.

Sheila is a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker. She can offer you workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching. Her desire is to aid your personal and professional growth, through study and practical application of John’s proven leadership methods.

Sheila loves the Lord and has powerful testimonies of His goodness, it is her hearts desire to see others experience God’s love in a powerful and life transforming way. She has a strong desire to raise up leaders and celebrate their process of discovery as they take the steps necessary for their personal journey.

Sheila believes there is power in our own personal journey. She shares real life experiences of trials and triumphs to inspire others to live fully alive and awake in every moment of their lives.

Her favorite quote is: “Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we will ever do.” ~ Brene’ Brown

Adriana Morales

Adriana Morales was born in Venezuela, is fluent in Spanish, and is the youngest of her family. Adriana relocated to the United States at a young age and lived in Florida for 26 years. She visits her family and friends in Miami often and delights herself with Cuban meals.

Adriana lives with her husband in Tennessee, adjusted to southern living traditions, cares for a feline crew of 3, and works full-time in a leadership role with the State.

Adriana enjoys adult coloring, bible journaling, piano playing, blogging and considers herself as an avid reader who has served faithfully in numerous ‘book launch’ teams over the years. What’s her favorite time of day? She enjoys waking up at sunrise to read her Bible, pray, journal creatively and lead an ‘on-line’ bible study for women.

For over a decade, she delights in serving faithfully in discipleship communities. Her motto is “Truth in action”. Adriana is passionate about fulfilling the Great Commission.

Professionally, Adriana has been in the mental health field for over 26 years and has faithfully served children, adolescents and their families as well as adults with intellectual disabilities (ID) and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). She worked as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Florida, and both as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Tennessee.

Jamie Taylor

Jamie is an outgoing introvert with a passion for encouraging others in their walk with Jesus.

She finds great fulfillment working alongside her husband at the church he pastors. Jamie leads a great team as Director of Women and also serves as a worship leader.

She is the mother of four children, who bring her great joy while keeping her on her knees.

She loves music, photography, studying, creating, baking, and a well-crafted latte. She has loved to write for as long as she has known how to do it. Jamie believes there is nothing quite like the written word to inspire, encourage, and motivate an audience.

Sheila Taylor

Sheila is a writer of stories as well as a holder of hands, babies, and hot cups of coffee.

She and her husband of 26 years, Duane, have built their home and family in Idaho. She has three grown children -- Ashley, Alex, and Nichole.

Because of God’s healing-grace in their marriage, Duane and Sheila feel passionate about serving and walking beside other married couples. Together they lead classes within their church, and they serve as local volunteers for FamilyLife Weekend To Remember.

Sheila works part-time as an office administrator for a birth center and full-time as a keeper of home and family.

Jesus has redeemed her life from the deep pits of fear and despair and through her words and her life, she desires to say, “Come and see what God has done!”