The Holy Beautiful Ministry seeks to offer opportunities for women to find wellness. Our bodies are the temple for the Holy Spirit and the Lord wants us to take care of ourselves.

Self-care is so important for women. We need to refresh ourselves and take care of ourselves the way God intended. God assumes that each of us loves our own bodies, feeding and caring for ourselves just as Christ feeds and cares for His own body, the church. Taking care of our bodies and our emotions is very important because we need to be healthy to effectively carry out purpose in Christ.

"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body."
1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Simplicity and Beautifully

Embarking on a journey to true, raw beauty and life practices I found yoga. It stripped away the unnecessary and celebrated what was important. As a Christian I deeply wanted to yoke my love of Christ with my new spiritual discipline. This is where I found the Holy Yoga Ministry. I was able to root down in the Word of God and rise up to conquer my fears and my deep emotional and mental wounds.

I use the modality of yoga for stillness and to be grounded. It allows me to quiet my mind and set my intention on the Holy Spirit. It is here in this stillness that Jesus speaks to me.

To yoke means to become one with. Yoga as an exercise helps us to become one with the Lord if this is the intention. When used in this way we can become united with Christ and find rest, focus and peace. Our minds can become disciplined through meditation and the body more aligned and strengthened.

Yoga is not a religion. Christianity is a religion.  Holy Yoga is a discipline that can be used to increase our awareness of Christ, His fullness and presence in our world and His ability to step in and heal the darkest of our wounded places.

I invite you to try Holy Yoga as a spiritual discipline. We as women need to take care our of bodies as well as our minds and spirits.

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You know that true wellness is more than just physical health. Discover your wellness-focused lifestyle with our pure, whole-life solutions.

Our community of wellness started small in 1993, when D. Gary Young and Mary Young developed their first herb farming and distillation operation. At the time, Gary Young had already discovered the incredible power of essential oils, but because the quality of available oils varied so greatly, he’d been unable to fully harness their potential. Mary’s previous experience in the direct selling industry enabled the Youngs to fulfill their vision and establish a business that would empower its members to share truly pure essential oils with the world.

After establishing Young Living in 1994, the Youngs developed more farmland in Utah and Idaho and began cultivating lavender, peppermint, melissa, clary sage, and many other herbs. Fueled by a growing demand for top-quality essential oils, Young Living designed and built the largest, most technologically advanced essential oil distillery in North America. In harmony with these efforts, Young Living developed its groundbreaking Seed to Seal® standard that ensures verifiable purity and authenticity in each drop of essential oil.

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