Holy Beautiful anointing oils are made from therapeutic grade essential oils and olive oil from Latroun Monastery, Israel. The Latroun Olives press is also squeezing the olives from the Gethsemane olive trees, which Jesus laid under on his last day before caught by the Roman soldiers. These amazing trees are 2000 years old and every year a small portion of this Holy oil is sent to the Vatican from Latroun Monastery.  

Our anointing oil is inspired by and prayed for through the Holy Spirit.


Holy Beautiful Anointing oil is transfused with myrrh, wild orange and ylang ylang to remind you of the holy beautiful life you are living. 


Wild orange scent is light and airy creating a space for emotional balance. 


Ylang Ylang essential oil has a  floral scent that promotes a sense of calm and balance, reduces anxiety and lifts mood. 


Myrrh has earthy, sweet, and slightly spicy aroma can help promote feelings of spirituality and is a spiritual oil used in the Chrisim oil of the church.


Holy Beautiful Anointing Oil